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Our Fellowship

We are one of 55 Canadian Unitarian congregations, and one of seven in the Greater Toronto Area. We meet weekly at 55 St. Phillips Road in Etobicoke, in a Tudor-style stone house that is readily accessible by public transportation.

Regular Sunday Services are held at 10:30am from September through June. We offer a variety of programs and activities through the year including adult discussion groups, orientation workshops, potluck dinners, and music appreciation get-togethers. Summer social events have included games nights, brunches and barbeques.

Our Purpose

"The purpose of this Fellowship shall be to bring religious liberals into closer relationship with one another, and to unite them in the quest for the highest values in religion and in life. Members of this organization, while free to hold diverse beliefs concerning the nature of God, people and the universe are committed to the preservation of personal integrity, to the continuing search for truth through critical inquiry, and to the obligation to work for the greater good of all humanity."
-By-law Number 1, Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto

Our Community

The Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto has been mainly lay-led. Our Board of Directors is elected each year. The Fellowship functions through volunteers from our membership serving on committees such as Sunday Services, Religious Education, Denominational Affairs, Social Action, and Membership. The Fellowship is funded through the contributions of members, associates and friends.

Our Membership

Membership is offered to any person eighteen years of age or older who is in sympathy with our faith and who wishes to become a committed member. Anyone interested should complete a request for membership and submit it to the Membership Committee.

Members are those who have fulfilled the above conditions for joining and have made identifiable contributions to the Fellowship within the current year to the best of their ability. All members accept the responsibilities of membership and are accorded voting privileges.

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