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We wish to provide a scent-free environment for people with chemical sensitivities. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, aftershaves and other strongly scented products when you visit us.

Sunday, December 5, 2022 @ 10:30 am
"Creating a New Story"
Speaker: Rev. Pat Trudeau
Service Leader: TBA
Technical Assistance: Wilburn Hayden

Welcome all. Whoever you are we welcome you. Wherever you come from, we welcome you. Whomever you love, we welcome you.
If you are joining us for the first time, a special welcome.

​Making and sharing stories is one of the creative ways that people deal with in between times when the old ways are gone, and a new order has not yet emerged. We may be waiting and not sure what we are waiting for. Now is a good time to consider our longings and tell stories about our visions

The story And the People Stayed Home by Kitty O'Meara is one of many stories that helped people through the early days of Covid lock down. New stories are emerging as we move through the unknown. Imagine yourself at fire circle two years from now and telling a story about coming back into the world and finding new ways and new interests.
Let's call it And Then the People....? You take it from there.

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Letter of Invitation to become a member of UFNWT

If you have found a spiritual home in our congregation, we invite you to deepen your connection to this faith community by becoming a member. We are delighted you have chosen to join with us on Sunday Zoom Services , and we invite you to participate in all of our Sunday Services and events, whether or not you are interested or ready for full membership. If you are ready for membership, we are ready to welcome you to the benefits and responsibilities of membership at the Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto.

The decision to become a member is an emotional and a spiritual commitment, but it is also a physical and financial commitment. By giving your physical presence (your time and energy) and your financial support to the Congregation, you will demonstrate your commitment to help this community thrive, grow and transform lives.

Yes, you can become a member while we operate online; contact our Membership Chair, Daphne Walters or Rev. Pat Trudeau [].

Membership at Northwest

When you become a member of Northwest, you are welcomed into a community that pledges to support the principles of Unitarian Universalism. These principles are not a declaration of faith; they are a covenant of relationship, expressing how we want to relate to one another and to the wider world. At a New Member Joining Ceremony, you would confirm your support for the same principles.

When you become a member of Northwest, you become a vital part of our spiritual and social community and may participate in the decision-making that determines the future of the congregation.

In faith

Daphne Walters and Rev Pat Trudeau.