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Sunday, June 2, 2024 @ 10:30am
"In times of great change, what can the wisdom of our bodies offer us?"
Speaker: Arran Morton (pre-recorded)
Service Leader: Melanie Walters
Reader: Daphne Walters
Technical Assistance: Wilburn Hayden

Welcome all. Whoever you are we welcome you. Wherever you come from, we welcome you. Whomever you love, we welcome you.

​Our bodies gain information from and engage with the human and non human
world in ways our conscious mind is often unaware of. Let's explore how developing a deeper relationship with our bodies wisdom can support us in navigating challenging transitions.

​Arran Morton currently lives in Victoria, BC - though he is from Scotland and came to Victoria via the "scenic route." He loves to be near the ocean, the trees, and (Vancouver) island life generally. His work has focused on love-based community building as well as training
and facilitation on issues related to healthy relationships, sexuality, conflict resolution and restorative justice/practices. Arran was the Director of Spiritual Exploration at First Unitarian
Church of Victoria until he adopted his daughter in 2021. He is currently the Minister at Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship.

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Yes, you can become a member while we operate online; contact our Membership Chair, Daphne Walters.

Membership at Northwest

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When you become a member of Northwest, you become a vital part of our spiritual and social community and may participate in the decision-making that determines the future of the congregation.

In faith

Daphne Walters